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"Talking with my therapist each week has helped me manage my relationships better and feel more calm and confident in myself." 

-Rebecca M.

Comprehensive Counseling

Dedicated mental health professionals specializing in effective therapeutic techniques and approaches to assist you in working toward your goals. 

Comprehensive Counseling has long been a trusted resource in the New York area for quality mental health care. Generations of individuals, families, and couples in and around New York City have received counseling at our offices since our inception.

Clinicians at 10 different locations are multilingual and multicultural, offering counseling services using a variety of therapeutic approaches. Appointments are available 7 days a week in Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Insurance is accepted. 

Some of Our Practice Areas

   (Telemental health services available.)


Adult Psychotherapy

Talk therapy with a mental health professional can address many issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, professional issues, chronic mental health issues, etc. Appointments are usually once a week for about 45 minutes. 



A common and serious mood disorder that can affect the mind and body. Some of the many possible symptoms of depression include sadness, decreased energy, and a lack of interest in activities. 


Licensed therapists are able to use a variety of approaches to help young people who may be experiencing difficulties with their emotions or their behavior at home and/or school. 



Anxiety disorders can cause wide ranging mental and physical symptoms including excessive worry, apprehension, and tension.  Clinicians can employ numerous methods to treat anxiety, including but not limited to cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT).


Couples & Families

Trained clinicians can often assist family members improve 

communication and resolve problems within the family system.



Stress can affect people of all ages. It can be brief or chronic in nature and is a source of suffering for many patients.


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