Whether you’re facing a particular issue or you can’t shake the feeling that there should be more to life, therapy can help by providing you with the insight and tools you need to move beyond current obstacles. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, if you are having problems at work, in school or in your relationships, or if you are struggling to cope with a recent event, there are qualified professionals nearby who can help. 


Comprehensive Counseling LCSWs is an affiliate company of LearnWell. As a community based mental health practice we have offices in Queens, Long Island, and the Bronx and offer teletherapy services to our patients. In partnership with LearnWell, we provide mental health counseling support to school districts via teletherapy . We offer specialized support to meet the needs of the K-12 student population, and we maintain collaborative relationships with hundreds of school districts in the region.


Clinicians who work with Comprehensive Counseling LCSWs are state licensed mental health professionals who draw from a variety of therapeutic techniques and approaches to assist clients in achieving their treatment goals.  


We are proud to say that many of our new referrals come from previous and existing clients. Accessibility, service and professionalism are the key elements of our success. For those who choose to visit our offices, pleasant surroundings are provided for your comfort. Privacy and confidentiality are assured.


Take the first step toward help. For more information please call (718) 830-0246 or (516) 594-0247. To schedule an appointment, submit our online referral form

We are here to help.

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